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InboundCycle is an agency specialized in designing and implementing marketing and sales strategies based on an inbound philosophy.

Our service provides all the activities that need to be applied, from a user’s first interaction (first click) on our digital media to sales and loyalty building. We call this a Click2Close Inbound service.

Click2Close Inbound services

Starting with an inbound focus, which works on engagement to build client loyalty, we select the best type of service for the objectives to achieve. Each project requires different Click2Close Inbound services.

To adapt to the specific needs of each project, our Click2Close Inbound services can take three different approaches:

  1. Projects that start and need to solve a company’s problem in generating demand. In this case, demand generation, conversion and marketing automation activities are implemented.
  2. Inbound sales projects. These services are geared towards solving problems related to inbound-focused work applied to all available business opportunities, with ways to overcome challenges on the CRM level.
  3. Projects aimed at building loyalty. Click2Close Inbound focuses on clients’ existing databases, whether to increase engagement or to extend client lifecycles.

For all these projects, our agency uses Click2Close Inbound to provide support throughout the process that begins with attraction (or traction), continues with education and conversion and ends with closing and building loyalty.


Click2Close Inbound processes that help us to achieve goals

Projects managed through the Click2Close Inbound service are based on designing a strategy that is always backed by the inbound philosophy, by which the activities to apply are determined.

These actions may be aligned with any of the following processes:

1. Geneation of new demand

Implementation of traction and attraction activities that drive traffic to the website.

  • TRACTION: this is the name for all of the paid online actions to generate traffic and demand. They include:
    • Social ads: Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads
    • Google Adwords
    • Display and retargeting
    • Contracts and agreements with vertical channels
  • ATTRACTION: these are organic actions taken to generate traffic and demand that originate in social networks and/or search engines, such as:
    • Content creation to accelerate traffic:
      • Creation of written content for blogs and content channels
      • Production of videos for YouTube
      • Creation of content for social networks and other vertical channels
      • Creation of computer graphics and other graphic pieces
    • Positioning of keywords in search engines by producing content, namely:
      • Search for and choice of key words
      • Valuable links due to content
      • Cooperation with other websites

2. Conversion

Production of content and media to facilitate the conversion of organic and paid online traffic includes actions such as:

  • Design, programming, reproduction and creation of landing pages
  • Design, programming, reproduction and creation of thank you pages
  • Design, programming, reproduction and creation of forms
  • Drafting and production of ebooks, white papers, success stories and other downloadable formats
  • Design and production of Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Configuration of conversation flows (connection between form, landing page, thank you page and email notifications)

3. Education

Implementation of actions aimed at supporting records in their maturation process, like:

  • Advice on and hiring marketing automation tools and social CRM tools.
  • Configuration and setting up parameters for marketing automation tools and social CRM tools.
    • Designing and setting up parameters for lead scoring models
    • Design, configuration and production of lead nurturing chains
  • Integration of inbound marketing tools, marketing automation tools and CRM tools.

4. Closing

Consultation and implementation of inbound sales methodologies based on advice regarding:

  • The structure of the sales department and how to make the most of processes that generate inbound demand.
  • How to adapt the commercial process to the inbound approach.

5.Building client loyalty

Building engagement, which is reflected in a client loyal to the brand, through the use of actions such as:

  • Marketing automation
  • Advocacy marketing

Do you need to increase the volume of traffic on your website? Would you like your commercial contacts to be more effective? Do you already have a client base that you wish was more loyal?

Let’s discover which of our Click2Close Inbound services can give you the best results. Are you in?

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