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How working with a content marketing agency can help you

A good content marketing strategy is essential to effective SEO. A content marketing agency will help you create, publish and share interesting content for potential clients. This will help them get to know the brand, which may eventually lead to client conversion. However, creating quality content is very labour intensive; therefore, if there is a lack of staff or time to tackle these tasks, investing specialised content marketing services is essential.

However, every company has different needs, faces different challenges and encounters different obstacles. For the investment to be worthwhile, all of these need to be carefully considered. Some of the most common ones are:

Generate demand


Lead captures that coincide with the ideal client’s profile and are, by nature, quality ones. However, it is essential that that they are converted into clients.


The implementation of a content marketing project based on organic traffic attraction is essential to increasing demand generation. To achieve this, a content marketing agency will identify the search queries of your target market. From here, they will develop quality content that addresses these issues.


Content marketing services increase monthly organic traffic, organic leads, MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (sale qualified leads) – all of which are valuable assets.

Create a direct communication channel with the consumer


Developing and implementing a direct communication channel with the end consumer is extremely valuable. Through these channels, companies can generate a database of both current and potential clients.


The generation of indexable content will improve positioning in search engines. This is achieved through the creation and publication of quality content in different channels, which will become valuable, long-term assets.

Thus, a content marketing agency will use blogs, corporate websites, YouTube channels or other media relevant to the company’s target market to help the company achieve the best positions in search engine results. By combining these efforts, a content marketing services will increase the stream of organic visits, which keeps growing every month.


Relying on a channel that attracts traffic and leads permits to take on other actions such as:

  • Generating engagement with the audience, as well as interacting with it by means of mailing informative or engaging communications.
  • Managing a customer service channel both for current and potential clients.
  • Driving the generated traffic to a direct sales e-commerce thanks to content marketing.
  • Informing potential consumers about the suppliers’ location.
  • Creating a community of users interested in the brand and its products which benefits the company’s branding.
  • Relying on a source of users’ data upon which to carry out market research in order to improve the products and services delivered by the company.

Educate consumers about the product or service


To encourage conversion, companies need to present the product or service as the solution for the consumer’s needs. To achieve this, the consumer needs to discover the product or service and learn about how it solves their problems.


Content marketing services help you develop a traffic capture channel that provides information related to the needs of your target market. Creating this informative, quality content is the primary role of a content marketing agency.


Creating a traffic capture channel offers important advantages such as:

  • Enhancing visibility of the company’s products and services, positioning them in the market.
  • Developing the brand.
  • Targeting specific buyer personas.
  • Becoming a benchmark source of information in the sector.
  • Mass evangelising.

Develop a brand or promoting greater branding visibility


Positioning the company as a benchmark in the sector and gaining greater branding visibility is a key marketing objective. These objectives are essential to business sustainability and growth.


By creating communication channels with quality content and consumer solutions are essential to positioning a brand as a market leader. An experienced content marketing agency will facilitate this critical connection between brand and consumer.


The advantages of greater visibility and positioning are:

  • Connecting with the brand’s target market through search queries.
  • Creating communities in social networks.
  • Improving brand perception as informative, quality content solves the buyer persona’s needs as nurtures consumer confidence.
  • Promotes the relevance of the brand in the sector.

Nurturing customer loyalty


Retaining current customers is key to long-term profitability. Loyal customers are more lucrative than new clients, as loyal customers have far lower acquisition costs.


A content marketing agency will customise the content published in communication channels depending on customer profiles. It is important to adapt it to their needs to improve their perception of the brand, thus nurturing customer loyalty.

Additionally, this marketing strategy will have to include the development of an automated nurturing system for existing and previous clients. This strategy will be executed depending on consumer preferences, ensuring that the brand maintains visibility into the future.


As all businesses know, customer loyalty has many advantages, including:

  • Encouraging clients to purchase more products or services through up-selling or cross-selling.
  • Strengthening the relationship between the client and the company.
  • Generating a continuous stream of sales, which isn’t dependent on the generation of new leads.

Advantages of working with a content marketing agency

Employing a content marketing agency has several advantages, including:

  • Saving money.
  • Increasing efficiency.
  • Accessing expertise.
  • Continuously upgrading strategies and technologies.
  • Access to technical support.
  • Greater profitability.
Choosing an experienced content marketing agency with an expert team reduces the time and resources you need to invest to create specialist, quality content. Furthermore, it gives companies access to a team of specialised professionals who are up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector. Copywriters, designers, editors and directors are part of a multidisciplinary team who can create content and provide continuous support.

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