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How inbound marketing services can help you

Inbound marketing is the only marketing methodology that allows you to increase traffic, gain leads, create business opportunities and close sales with one consistent monthly investment. Through the creation of specific content in combination specialist software tools, inbound marketing services facilitate the implementation of lead nurturing strategies, lead scoring, content customisation, and much more.

This creates a fully automated business generation machinery, converting website visitors to clients using a single, integrated marketing technique. However, there are certain challenges that companies need to address to ensure inbound marketing solutions are profitable. These include:

Generate demand


A significant challenge businesses face is increasing quality leads on a monthly basis – in other words, leads that match their desired buyer persona. From here, these prospective clients need to be attracted into the purchase process.


The implementation of a comprehensive inbound marketing project helps generate demand and boost sales. A complete inbound strategy comprises the following stages and techniques:

  1. Attracting traffic.
  2. Traffic traction by means of PPC or other outbound techniques (if necessary).
  3. Inboundisation℠ (if relying on previous marketing assets).
  4. Conversion.
  5. Automation of customer acquisition.
  6. Inbound sales (in projects where sales forces are involved).


  • An increase in organic traffic month by month.
  • A growing stream of organic leads.
  • Gain immediate leads from paid advertising campaigns.
  • Increased MQL (marketing qualified leads) traffic.
  • A greater SQL (sales qualified leads) stream.

Furthermore, this incremental growth of organic traffic, increase in qualified leads, and higher MQL and SQL constitutes a valuable asset for the company.

In the past, inbound marketing services were thought to provide medium or long term results. Today, the results are immediate by means of Inboundisation℠ and traffic traction.

Lower acquisition costs per client


For every business, the bottom line is crucial to success. As such, reducing the cost per lead (CPL) and per acquisition (CPA) is essential to profitability.


Of all the inbound marketing techniques, Inboundisation℠ is the quickest and most effective way of reducing acquisition cost in the short term.


The results of Inboundisation℠ are clear immediately, whereas other inbound marketing solutions have a medium to long term effect.

In the medium and long term, launching a complete inbound project also has an impact on the reduction of cost per acquisition, as a greater volume of visits, leads, MQL and SQL are obtained on a monthly basis.

Reduce purchase process time


Every business wants to streamline their sales funnel – and reducing the time between the first interaction with a lead and the first purchase is a central goal.


Acquisition marketing automation builds lead nurturing machinery by generating semi-automated interactions via quality content.


This technique is scalable and facilitates the following actions:

  • Targeting an unrestricted number of leads simultaneously.
  • Improving the efficacy of sales teams by reducing the number of interactions needed to close a deal.
  • Quality content informs users about the product or service, converting them to qualified leads while supplying the company with their contact details for follow-up.

Marketing automation techniques, such as inbound lead nurturing and scoring systems, shorten the sales process by reducing the number of necessary interactions. This is because quality content:

  • Educates potential clients in an automated and customised way.
  • Preempts the customer’s needs.
  • Supplies potential clients with relevant information throughout the purchase process, according to their interests.

Create a direct channel of communication with the consumer in a B2B2C business model


Creating a direct channel of communication with the end consumer is a key business challenge. Furthermore, companies also need to create a clear line of communication with an end, current and potential customer database.


Open content marketing, otherwise known as indexable content for search engines, creates an increasing stream of visits month by month. This allows for the creation of a large database of qualified leads.

The creation and publication of content for a blog, YouTube channel, website, or any other marketing channel results in the creation of an audience that belongs to the company – a valuable marketing asset.


Creating traffic-attracting channels and qualified leads facilitates the following actions:

  • Redirects traffic to an eCommerce site where you can sell directly to the consumer (however, the company must also address how to mitigate any damage to supplier or prescriptor channels).
  • Informs users about their nearest supplier.
  • Interacts with the audience directly and generating engagement by means of informative and survey-based communications.
  • Promotes the use of direct, company-managed customer service channels for both current and potential clients.

Inform consumers about your product or service


Companies need to inform the consumer about their product or service – their brand is the solution to their problems, they just don’t know it yet.


Content marketing creates a traffic-attraction channel that make the benefits of a product or service known to a company’s target market. After a user visits a website and the company obtains their data, it is possible to clearly communicate the solution and its benefits through acquisition marketing automation.


Crear un proceso de descubrimiento natural aporta lo siguiente:

  • Convertirse en referente de un nuevo mercado
    Si el mercado no es consciente de que existe una nueva solución para un problema, un canal de contenidos creado a través del inbound marketing puede convertirla en referente del mercado.
    InboundCycle empezó siendo la única agencia de inbound marketing del mercado y en este momento prácticamente nadie conocía ese término. El blog de InboundCycle ayudó a difundir los beneficios de esta nueva metodología a la vez que se posicionaba como el líder del sector.
  • Acercarse a los perfiles que interesan y crear marca
    Si el buyer persona, el perfil al que se dirige la solución, la desconoce, la marca debe crear contenido de temáticas de interés para este perfil.
    Las temáticas no tienen por qué estar directamente relacionadas con el producto o servicio de la compañía. Las personas se acercarán a la marca gracias a las respuestas que da el contenido y será la automatización del marketing la encargada de dar a conocer la solución de la marca.
    Otra ventaja de este acercamiento es dar respuesta a las preguntas y dudas del buyer persona a través del contenido generado hace que el usuario tenga una mejor percepción de la compañía y que la marca adquiera una mayor relevancia.
  • Envangelizar masivamente
    La base de datos generada a través del tráfico orgánico de un canal de contenido bien elaborado es una audiencia que quiere ser informada, educada y que está abierta a descubrir las soluciones que ofrece la marca.

Pricing inbound marketing services

The efficient implementation of an inbound marketing project requires a minimum investment of 45.000€ per year (technology & service), whether the work is carried out through an agency or on-site. However, when a client contracts several inbound marketing projects simultaneously, it facilitates an economy of scale, reducing the budget per project.

Advantages of working with an agency specialising in inbound marketing

Purchasing inbound marketing services from a consultancy like InboundCycle has the following advantages:

  • Reduces the time and resources spent learning about the methodology.
  • Ensures that know-how isn’t lost due to team turnover.
  • Allows access to advanced knowledge and the latest developments in inbound marketing solutions.
  • Connects you with experienced inbound experts who have managed projects with companies across sectors with varying objectives.
  • The application of more efficient processes, tools and techniques, endorsed by a broad project portfolio.

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