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InboundCycle Editorial Policy

Who are we?

InboundCycle has been the first inbound marketing agency in Spain and Latin America at the forefront of inbound and industry leaders. 

We are the first Hubspot’s Elite Partners in Spain and Hispanic America, the first Hubspot’s Diamond Partners outside the USA, and we have been put on the TOP10 agencies in the world by Hubspot Agency Directory. 

We have a team of more than a 100 specialists, making us, standing among the agencies 100% inbound with more professionals dedicated to implementing inbound projects for very diverse companies and different sectors such as education, technological, industrial or high consumption, among others.

All the content published in InboundCycle’s website and blog is planned, produced and developed by the CEO and co-founder of InboundCycle along with the management team, inbound specialists, marketing professionals and expert editors.

Editorial Policy

Editorial independence

The InboundCycle editorial team maintains complete and independent control over the content of its website and blog. Partners or sponsors are not allowed to modify or influence the selection of published content. Despite maintaining commercial relations with third parties, these relations and possible commissions do not condition the issues we decide to cover.

Habitual authors

The contents of InboundCycle are mainly made by members of its workforce, specialized people and with extensive experience in the world of marketing and sales who decide to share their knowledge in the sector.

Autores invitados

InboundCycle mantiene relación con otras empresas del sector que solicitan contribuir en el blog. La selección de las colaboraciones es minuciosa y exigente, pues sus propuestas deben cumplir unos estándares de calidad marcados por el equipo editorial.

Guest authors

InboundCycle maintains relations with other companies in the sector that request to contribute to the blog. The selection of collaborations is meticulous and demanding, as their proposals must meet quality standards set by the editorial team.

Content updates

Due to the changing characteristics of the marketing and sales sector, InboundCycle regularly updates the most critical content in order to ensure that its readers read up-to-date, useful and truthful information at all times.

External links to other platforms

Links to other platforms in InboundCycle content are selected according to quality and value criteria for readers and not link-sharing collaborations.


The selection of the sources contributed and linked in the contents of InboundCycle follows demanding quality criteria and are subject to review by the editorial and editorial team, with extensive knowledge and experience in the world of marketing and sales.

Meet Pau Valdés, CEO and co-founder of InboundCycle

Pau Vadés is the CEO and co-founder of InboundCycle, as well as co-founder of DIY Inbound.

He has a degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as well as in Business Administration and Management from the University of Barcelona.

Other types of training:

  • Master in European Business by Edhec Business School (France)
  • Diploma in the Management Development Program (PDD) from IESE
  • Diploma in the Entrepreneurial Master Program (EMP) of EO at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Meet part of the InboundCycle management team

Oriol Bel

Marketing Director of InboundCycle, works for the consolidation of our position as a leading agency in the market, strengthening the brand and working new channels to capture commercial opportunities.

Graduated in Human Biology from Pompeu Fabra University, with a Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry from Pompeu Fabra University, in addition to having studied the EO’s Key Executive Program.

More information and articles by Oriol Bel 

Marina Melé

General Manager at InboundCycle, responsible for the transversal processes and technical developments of the company.

Degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona, with Master in Photonics (UB UPC UAB ICFO) and PhD in Quantum Physics (UB). In addition, he has studied the Specialized Program in Business Process Management of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

More information and articles by Marina Melé 

Manel Bassols

Head of the InboundCycle operations department, the team in charge of making inbound projects a reality for our customers.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Management at ESADE and I have a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and E-commerce at OBS Business School.

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Neus Sánchez

Spain General Manager at InboundCycle, responsible for the growth and development of the agency. Conscious & Servant Leadership of the agency’s sales team, constantly optimizing our sales process, thus pursuing the achievement of a better experience in the decision process of our potential customers.

Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, specializing in Digital Marketing at ESIC (Barcelona).

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Meet part of the InboundCycle management team

Susana Meijomil

Inbound Content Manager of InboundCycle, responsible for the planning, production and publication of content on our blog, as well as the SEO strategy and the planning and audiovisual publication on our YouTube channel and on our podcast Marketing Leaders.

Graduate in Psychology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, with a Master in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from the University of Granada and the University of Jaen.

More information and articles by Susana Meijomil

Marta Miñarro

Communications Manager in the marketing department of the agency, responsible for the strategies of recruitment and education through external communications and database, the management of social networks and the organization of events.

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with a Master in Marketing Management and Commercial Management (GESCO) in ESIC.

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