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What are account-based marketing (ABM) solutions?

Account-based marketing (ABM) solutions are the most precise client acquisition tactics, as they permit to access the target customers’ profiles immediately and effectively. This precision and agility is what distinguishes account-based marketing from inbound marketing, as, thanks to ABM, the acquired target customer can be directly transferred to a sales team. As such, the customer is implicated in marketing automation processes, facilitating a relationship between the client and the brand.

Account-based marketing solutions or ABM are particularly suitable for B2B companies in the following situations:

Difficulty accessing the decision profiles of certain strategic clients


A key challenge B2B businesses face is ensuring that strategic potential clients are aware of their product or service. If they aren’t aware of your company's solution, they won’t be able to listen to the value proposition.


Implement account-based marketing solutions that complement current technology.


  • Attracting the attention of the key, strategic client profiles the company seeks
  • Facilitates on-site or telephone meetings with those profiles that are willing to listen to the value proposition.

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