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What is a marketing automation agency?

Marketing automation is the most effective and sophisticated tool in relationship marketing. It combines several marketing softwares to increase customer loyalty and cross-sell and up-sell within a database. To make this possible, it incorporates lead scoring, lead nurturing, content customisation and even machine learning or artificial intelligence to promote a brand to consumers. The most economical and effective way of accessing this technology is to seek the services of a marketing automation agency.

Investing in the services of a marketing automation consultant can be the solution for a company with the following goals:

Full capitalisation of databases


In order to encourage recurrent purchases, license upgrading or contracting additional services, businesses need to capitalise on their existing customer database.


Launching a loyalty marketing automation strategy allows businesses to leverage their current and potential client database to maximum effect. In most cases, it is also desirable to supplement loyalty marketing automation services with cross-selling or up-selling technologies. For example, business intelligence tools or artificial intelligence can cluster clients in the database according to several criteria.


Clustering clients or users into affinity groups based on preferences regarding products, purchase and interaction history, allows companies to design highly specific and bespoke marketing campaigns.

Increasing client conversion on a website with high traffic


Even if a website has high traffic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these users are converting. Therefore, businesses need to capitalise on this traffic through sales or the collection of customer data.


A marketing automation agency can coordinate an Inboundisation℠ project – otherwise known as acquisition marketing automation – to turn a significant part of website traffic into leads.


Most of the contexts in which acquisition marketing automation makes sense happen within a comprehensive inbound marketing project. However, in light of the need to increase conversions on a website with high traffic, acquisition marketing automation can function independently.

The first benefit of implementing this strategy is that the company can begin building a database with new leads by means of Inboundisation℠.

In the case of a company with a recognizable brand and high website traffic, this facilitates the following:

  • B2C companies can open an eCommerce site and begin redirecting users into the sales funnel automatically.
  • B2B2C companies can open an eCommerce site and sell directly to the end consumer or can inform the client as to the location of the nearest supplier or installer.
These actions, in turn, improve engagement as the company has the opportunity to establish a direct channel of communication with current and potential customers in their database. However, these scenarios do not usually apply in the case of B2B companies.

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