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Inbound Marketing: A Walk-through of the Strategy with Hubspot

Previously, you may have heard about inbound marketing, a content-centered marketing, the purpose of which is to convert visitors into customers.

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A Complete Guide about the HubSpot COS

Starting a fresh inbound marketing project means choosing a web platform to use for its new content. It could go on a blog, a landing pages, etc.. What about adopting a standard CMS such as WordPress? Or the HubSpot COS?

Each of them has their pros and cons. Yet you must choose wisely, because once you start the project using one it will be difficult to change.

In this post, I'll provide an overview of the HubSpot COS, and give you some key points to help you choose the best platform. Sometimes you'll need HubSpot, but other times you are better off with a standard CMS like Wordpress.

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How does the HubSpot Template Builder Work?

If you are reading this post I am guessing you are a current user of HubSpot or you will be soon enough. As you probably know, HubSpot is a tool where - besides a looot of other stuff - you can build and create blogs, website pages, landing pages, emails, etc. But how do you actually build all these pages? And what about their design? How do you apply it? Well, with the HubSpot Template Builder.

In this article we’ll show you how the Template Builder works, its capabilities, and how to use it. We’ll focus on website pages and landing pages, since the email and blog templates are different and with their own functionality. (We will see them in another article).

And don’t worry! You don’t need to be “techy” to understand what we’ll be talking about here.

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