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Inbound Marketing dissemination and training

< About InboundCycle

At InboundCycle, we want to share inbound marketing techniques because our goal is to get companies and users to speak the same language. Our goal is for users to acquire the information and tools to make the right purchase decisions and for companies to gain the assets that provide them with sustained growth over time.

This is why we encourage more and more people to learn about this methodology.

Since 2013, we have organized the first Spanish-speaking inbound marketing event: Inbound Leaders.

We supplement this event by organizing free Sales 2.0 Meetups to help companies to be more efficient and closer to the commercial process. Entrepreneurs and clients from different sectors have joined this initiative.

On the other hand, we actively collaborate with HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Week – a week full of scheduled events to share this methodology with persons all over the world. We have participated in this event since its inception.

These are not our only areas of action. To bolster our dissemination efforts, we have also focused on teaching and training. InboundCycle currently shares what it knows with the top Spanish-speaking business and business training schools.

The activities that we carry out in this field can be summarized as follows:

  • Pau Valdés, the CEO of InboundCycle, led the first in-person training course specialized in inbound marketing with the ICEMD–ESIC Inbound Marketing program.
  • We taught the first online postgraduate program on Inbound Marketing and Branded Content in Spanish at the IEBS business school.
  • We also participate in training programs, conferences and other specialized events in the inbound marketing sector.