InboundCycle is a co-founder of the Spanish chapter of Conscious Capitalism

< About InboundCycle

Conscious Capitalism is a movement promoted by Raj Sisodia and John Mackey aimed at influencing people and companies that believe in a kind of capitalism that serves as the engine of development for humanity, where private companies are an active and essential part of this movement towards a better world.

The chapter was established in May, 2016, with the formation of the Conscious Capitalism Foundation, which aims to promote this philosophy among business leaders in Spain. The foundation’s activities are focused on promoting and spreading Conscious Capitalism’s concepts and best practices through conferences, workshops, networking events, publications, and more. In this way, it aims to help our country’s business leaders to grow together, share experiences and support companies as they transform and become more conscious and friendly to the very people of which they are composed.

How do we apply it at InboundCycle?

In addition to being the co-founders of the Spanish chapter of Conscious Capitalism, we at InboundCycle also follow its principles.

All of the agency’s projects and entire team are based on three business values:

  • Admire people (people above all). The way we see it, human capital is our company’s greatest strength and that is why our Human Resources Department seeks out profiles of engaged professionals who are committed to their work, know how to admire the achievements of others and are humble, consistent, sincere and disciplined, valuing potential and attitude over experience.
  • Always find a better way (constant improvement). At InboundCycle, we understand how important it is to constantly renew ourselves in order to remain a benchmark in the marketplace. This is the case even more so in a sector like marketing, which is constantly changing. This is why we are committed to constantly improving how we operate. How do we achieve this? By raising new challenges for ourselves, striving for perfection in each project, helping our members with capacity building and holding continuous dialogue with our clients in order to learn our strengths and weaknesses, so we can use the feedback to help us grow.
  • Stakeholders’ experience freaks (the respect of all interest groups). It is not just our clients who receive our attention. At InboundCycle, we understand that it is necessary to create positive links with all stakeholders, from employees or clients to providers, the media, followers on social networks, competing companies, and more.

In this way, thanks to the business values that govern our activity, we have a staff satisfied with and motivated by their work, loyal clients, responsible and reliable providers, healthy competition and a society that respects and values us. In short, they strive to achieve better results than other organizations in the sector.